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Spray Paint

These are the two interpretations I saw through the piece, yet any other is welcomed.

The first one is fairly simple; if the two elements are read separately, the marihuana leaf is a symbol for drug abuse, yet upside down means the opposite: anti-drugs. And below, there’s an open book. Suggesting: Don’t kill neurons, develop them. This interpretation may be regarding the THC component in Marihuana. 

The second interpretation may be related to the medical component, CDB. This extract, on the contrary to THC, is non-psychoactive, and it’s known to have numerous medical benefits. Therefore, the book, is an incitement to inquire about misconceptions and be curious to learn about how powerful and life changing Marihuana can be to those who need it. 

This piece was initially inspired by the street artist and activist Banksy, and later by the documentary “A Life of Its Own. The Truth About Medical Marihuana.”

Connections,  2013: Portfolio
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