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Film Masks

Printmaking - Relief

Printmaking is a medium that can be achieved through a variety of methodologies; I used Relief technique.
This technique consists of drawing the desired picture on a linoleum surface eliminating the medium tones for its shape to be defined only in negative and positive (black & white). Then, different cutters are used to achieve the desired shape. With the help of barrens and brayers, registration and final printing was carried out. The uniqueness of each print is one of the most beautiful characteristics of this medium. 
This characteristic translates to theatre as well. The subjects portrayed on the prints are modernized versions of the stereotypical theatre masks. These are presented in a more digitalized format including the two colors, red and blue, used to give the 3D vision. Also the faces themselves go beyond happiness and sadness, depicting more complex expressions. 
Overall it’s a juxtaposition between the traditional medium of printmaking, and the digitalized translation of traditional theatre masks.

Film Masks,  2014: Project
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