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Message in a Bottle

(2014 - 2015)

Installation - Mixed Media

(160cm / 5’2” aprox.)

Message in a Bottle is an installation composed of two pieces; the face and the beer bottle. Both are covered by drinking materials: straws and bottle caps.

The sculpture of the face drowning was made first in order to give relief to the straws. Then, ordinary materials, such as cardboard and the papel maché technique were used to build it up the bottle’s body. A combination of different bottle caps surround the structure.

Space, form and texture play an important role on three-dimensional pieces, welcoming the spectator to intervene directly. Pattern and rhythm can also be distinguished in this installation.  

This is the story of a person, of many people, who are trapped with alcoholism problems and are consequently rejected by society. Metaphorically speaking, the person is drowning inside the beer bottle and no one is helping. Stairs are provided next to the piece inviting the viewer to face this issue. The bottle caps portray this person’s path. Starting the process by drinking harmless soft drinks, followed by a more common relationship with alcohol (label portion), to later succumb to a deteriorating addiction.

This unconscious progression tends to be triggered or caused by personal issues for which drinking alcohol seems to be the best solution. If we are aware that a person is calling for help, why look away? Step up!

This One On Me.jpg
Message in a Bottle,  2014 - 2015: Project
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