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Traffic Light

(2014 - 2015)
Photography and Poems

The composition of this piece represents a traffic light, as each color correlates with the level of acceptance that men face in society according to the their sexual drive. The transvestite image, the least accepted one, is filtered with red hues. Orange is used to cover the gay picture, as being attracted by your same gender is gradually being accepted. The bottom picture is the most masculine one. This one, reflected with a green value, portrays how the ideal man should behave according to the closed-minded person.
In addition to the photograph; a poem is embedded in each piece. These overlap the image and become concealed within it by the use of the respective tones. The lyric is written in a first person narration simulating the poet is the person depicted.
Artistic influences relate to the theme and medium. The French photographer and film director Olivier Ciappa also protested against marriage inequality by showing the beauty, softness and calmness that these transmit through pictures of public figures.
The aim of this artwork is to portray ambiguity as three different personalities can be distinguished within the same person. We have to break the close-minded stereotypes and root for this traffic light to be green at all levels.

Model: Nicolás Aparicio.

Traffic Light,  2014 - 2015: Project
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