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Water-based Oil and Plastic Guns

With “ugliness” as the theme of this project, Letggo is a direct critic and a cry for help to stop external conflicts that influence the life and freedom of innocent children. As of 2014, approximately 250.000 children are used as fighters, suicide bombers, human shields, messengers, spies or for sexual purposes. These victims are selected based on their easiness to manipulate. They are affordable and they still keep an undeveloped sense of danger, morality, or rationality.

Bar codes were placed symbolizing the tendency that developed countries have to diminish the rights of citizens in undeveloped nations, plain abuse of power. Consequences are life determining for those people, specially when they are children, and their minds and bodies are still being shaped.

This problem is a reality in 21 countries. 6 of which are governed by armies and have committed to put an end to this issue. 2 other countries however, refuse to do so. The code-bar digits are based on this data.

This piece was inspired by street artist and activist Banksy, as well as Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and Conceptual artist Julian Opie.

The structure determining the aesthetic quality of this work is based on the triangle composition. This composition angles the viewers’ eye to focus on a specific part, in this case, the subject.

Furthermore, white broken plastic guns hang from the canvas, as a sign of peace.

Letggo,  2014: Portfolio
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