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Acrylics and Feathers

The birds’ ability to fly stereotypically represents freedom. However its composition takes a step further. The way in which its body is constructed implies two main pillars linked to success: duty and willpower. “Duty” is portrayed with fine lines and clear shape. This includes discipline, decisiveness and good actions. “Willpower” is shown through the feathers. The lack of coordination and untidiness express less strict behaviors traits such as our imagination, our impulses and the risks we take. In order to emphasize its principal theme, color is added. Each color represents a feature we must have in order to achieve freedom. Yellow suggests energy, happiness and innovation. Magenta: elegance, strength and passion. Green relates to faith, balance and growth. White is a symbol of purity, peace and simplicity, whereas black color, mystery, power and seriousness. Lastly, blue represents progress, truth and serenity.

Freedom,  2015: Project
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